Baba ram rahim- does he really deserve this imprisonment?

This question is running in my mind from the time I heard that that baba ram rahim is accused with imprisonment of 10 years. So the question is do he really deserve this? If u say yes, please tell me why.

 What I feel is quite opposite I feel he should not be given this imprisonment what extra he has done over us for which he is entitled to this statement. Now please don’t say that he is a “rapist”. I will tell you why

What is rape? What I knw is- rape is going physical with a lady or any other person without his/her consent. And I guess that is happening in majority of the part of our country. It’s just all rapist don’t have such stardom so that they get to be covered by media. 

Well I guess by the definition I can say that in most of bedrooms rapes are going on but we can’t blaim the person because we  have tied them in one knot. After every Arrange marriage a girl has to be in a physical relation with her man. And the interesting part that comes with it is that she is not allowed to say no. If she does that that’s the insult of her man. 

It’s not always the rapist who is wrong in every case. Sometimes it’s our culture also which made our mindset in that way otherwise a girl who is not saying No do have equal participation in that crime.

Also the person who is sitting right in front of me in the park n staring like hell should be accused as he is doing same crime by his eyes.

 Let me just take a moment and ask men what u really need from a girl. If you want to have sex with your girlfriend then why the hell you want your wife to be virgin. Just give it a thought.

Ladies nobody will come and inspire you to say no, people will only come and ask you what happened last night. You only have to take your own stand.

It’s my first blog and I am tkng Abt such a serious issue. Because I wanted to share my thoughts with you all thts the reason I created this blog.

I wanna clarify that I m not the follower of this baba if any of you is thinking in that direction. I just follow myself, my dreams, my aspirations and expect the same from you. Nobody can guide you better then your own self.

Well I was still confused that what all is going in our country which was earlier very known for our wide variety of culture.

Why there is a need for all these punishments? Why can’t we stay happy in our old world? Why the fuck we want to force someone for something? Why are we not satisfied? Give it a thought and ask this why from yourself..

 And that brings me back to my question “Do he really deserve this punishment”? 

Guys I am so sorry I think I have hurted most of you by my this blog but this was purely my opinion. Nothing personal to anyone. 

And infact this decision was seriously wrong he should be hanged till death this imprisonment is not suitable decision.
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2 thoughts on “Baba ram rahim- does he really deserve this imprisonment?

  1. Your blog is absolutely correct from the perception of this nasty word “rape” but in case of this baba a complaint was being registered so a charge of rape was obvious …. here people dont expect such cheap thrill from people who are guiding you toward dharma …. so its obvious dat wat he did is condemn ….now if i say about rape ,harrasment , domestic violence yes thats a harsh n cruel reality of this universe where man is still forcing his wife to satisfy his expectation…

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    1. Yes dear actually all these stuff was already there in my mind but yesterday after this punishment something forced me to write about all this
      I just took baba as a base my main point is we all are doing the same thing


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