Daily struggle’s – I am tired off

“Struggle’s are required in order to survive, because in order to stand up you should know what falling down is like” and if  i say same statement in my words struggle is “when you want to pee but don’t wan to get out of your bed”.😁😁

Struggle’s are very much integrated to our own daily routine now from waking up early in the morning to sleeping till late at the night.

Ok so let’s start from my basic struggling routine.

First one is In morning itself  it is very much difficult to wake up like it’s so hell to wake up for the College. I always say it MORNING instead of GOOD MORNING because if it were a good morning I’d still be in bed (ohh my beauty sleep, i miss u).😕😕

Then second struggle I face is deciding clothes which one to wear and what not to.(whosoever is reading this blog, can you buy me a dress or for your convenience just paytm me).😂😂  Thanx to MBA they made my Monday and Thursday easier by forcing us to wear formals. School people you are blessed in this sense yr trust me guys.

Third struggle I face is whether to apply a bit of makeup or not. My inner girl says you should look sexy like hell but my outer girl knows even if I have applied just a lipstick my mom will be shouting “college hi Jana h na ya khi or” ( you are going to college only or somewhere else)🤔🤔. Scrolling my eyes up and ignoring what she is saying i apply what i have well i even don’t have makeup also (its a shame for my makeup artist friend, come on girl)

Coming over to the fourth one i don’t know whether to mention that Boring lectures I do have to attend because of attendance pressure or not. Ok so that’s not a struggle. Real Struggle is deciding between those lecture and that party for which my friends are forcing me.🎅🍺 This picture below depicts my exact situation in class. ya you can feel pity for me thats ok.

Fifth one deciding what to eat me being a foody person want to have all that mentioned in the menu then suddenly maa ke hath ke khane ka pyar( homemade food) so I used to decide my homemade lunch over anything usually. If i talk about my[ mom her struggle is what to make thrice a day. she can’t make everyone happy with the food as she is not a pizza.🍔🍟🍓🍉

Related image

After coming back home I m like a dead person not even want to scroll myself up or down.

Ok so Sixth one to do blogging or not ya it was a struggle for me earlier but now it sounds impressive to me. I love writing my story into words and discussing that with you guys. This is a platform where i can type without any fear and i know you all will listen me (thanx for this love)📖📚

Seventh struggle I face is to convince my mom that I don’t wanna eat ya actually my muma is like mera bcha kch nai khata cz she dnt knw unka bcha sbka dimag bhi kha Jata h. Convincing my mom for not to eat is the struggle that I have to face thrice a day on Sunday as it’s my off.🍴🍝

Then my final struggle giving time to closed ones now guys I am sorry I am already occupied so much.⏰⌛ Sometimes I am not able to give my time to you but trust me I give my best when I am with you. still if you feel i am ignoring you then yes i am.🆒

And for all my loving beautiful people out there you are the most important part of my life.

Thanx for listening to my blah blah blah blah. love u guys❤💖

Keep loving, keep supporting.🙂

I will be posting a blog on every Monday till then bbiee, cya.

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